1-116 is a single piece of work, composed of one-hundred-and-sixteen pictures, each of which was made in a single day.

I Loved to Sleep and Now I Can'tRF 4 ??
Observe, Formulate, PredictFore!You Tell MeCarbon ChemistryFriends for EverBright FlashAssietteBases Covered
Copy and Completein sq vs sq inNo one Believes in Zeus and Apollo Any MoreWhat I did on my Holidays (Aeriel View)Under the Influence OfReducing and Refining Ideas Until They Don't Mean Anything to Anyone Except the ArtistDad? It's Me...Act Your Age While You Still Look Good Doing It
Genuine ChemistryWho Cares? I Like BothI Spent My Last 200 Quid on a Pair of Uncomfortable ShoesIt Looks Like What it is, but What Does it Say?You Probably Don't Understand Statistics EitherEverything Digital is an ApproximationTest SignalSensationPlayers' DigestBuild a Bigger BombCrime Pays When Pigs DieAnamorphic SkullReplaced by ISO/IEC 80000-3:2007Studies SuggestThe Heartbeat Repeats Until You End ItDon't You Know Who I Am?Cos I'm Sure as Hell No RembrandtChildish Arithmetic
You Can't Spend Your Whole Life Being Angry at EverythingLacks Character? (4, 7)HandcuffedMaterial Issue 06You Try So Hard, Then This HappensHow Far are You Prepared to Go for Your Art?There's Always Bloody SomethingThink Positive!Some Things Don't Mean AnythingScience Never Said it Could Explain EverythingSecond Runner-UpCadmium, RedSporting HeartThey Can Read a Newspaper from SpaceThe Problem With Evidence is that it Can Be Very MisleadingLike a Bomb Made Out of Jazz and FeathersMr and Miss Ramones T-Shirt Wouldn't Know Punk Rock if it Spat in their FaceAll My Ancestors Had Children
Another Thing No one's Any Good AtThe Gap Between the Rich and the Poor (or the Poor and the Rich)It's Probably More Scared of You than You are of ItMy Problem is, I'm not Commercial EnoughThe Money's Lousy, but the Hours are GreatPlaying to the GalleryOvertly Sexual Art Makes Me Uncomfortable (And I Don't Like Swearing in Records)The End of the World Doesn't Have to be a Bad ThingAnother Failed RevolutionKnowing What You Know, do You Still Trust Photography?All Good Art is about Death (This is not about Death)You Deserve to Get BurnedWhat do People who do Nothing Really <em>do</em> all Day?Whatever You Think it Means, That's What it isTitle TrackThere are so Few Things so Poorly Named as Common Sense (One is Common Courtesy)229Everyone Looks Better in Black and White
OuroborusI'd Call This Onomatopoeia if I Knew how to Spell ItLook at it However You Like, it's All About MoneyGo and Find Out the True Story Behind The Great EscapeThey Don't Care What You Do as Long as You Do it QuietlyNational IdentityThe Last Thing I ever SawIn Many Religions, Some Numbers are of Repeated SignificancePublic IdentityFrom Myself to YourselvesBA (Hons.)Help YourselfI Mostly Regret the Things I <em>do</em> DoResolutionEverything Means Something\'There's Starving Children in Africa\'
 No IdentifierFloor it, I Like Those OddsI Have no Grand Statements to MakeYou Can Still Tell What it IsCar BoreI'd Be a Musician if I Could PlayThis is the Closest I Get to SculpturePhotograph of DavidYour Number's UpRemove Your ShoesThe View from HereSelf-Titleddate(1)Take a Bite of Peach
 A Perfect Copy Every TimeSuperpositionArty Black and White PhotographMeasured in MinutesDon't Worry about it, You'll Probably Be FineAll Natural BabyMirror Line1% of the Population Own 99% of the Original ThoughtsInstallation (Whitby)Look it up on the Bloody Internet. For God's Sake don't form your own OpinionSemiotic InterpretationChurch Door 2008Things You See Every Day But Never NoticeLawson Meets the Actinides

The concept for each picture began with a randomly selected number from one to 116 inclusive. The first forty-nine were made in seven weeks in 2006 and later compiled into a book. The remaining sixty-seven pieces were made in sixty-seven consecutive days in 2008. Strict rules applied.