1-116 is a single piece of work, composed of one-hundred-and-sixteen pictures, each of which was made in a single day.

I Loved to Sleep and Now I Can'tFore!You Tell MeFriends for Everin sq vs sq inNo one Believes in Zeus and Apollo Any MoreUnder the Influence Of
Dad? It's Me...Act Your Age While You Still Look Good Doing ItGenuine ChemistryIt Looks Like What it is, but What Does it Say?Test SignalPlayers' DigestAnamorphic Skull
Studies SuggestThe Heartbeat Repeats Until You End ItChildish ArithmeticYou Can't Spend Your Whole Life Being Angry at EverythingHow Far are You Prepared to Go for Your Art?Some Things Don't Mean AnythingScience Never Said it Could Explain Everything
Second Runner-UpThey Can Read a Newspaper from SpaceThe Gap Between the Rich and the Poor (or the Poor and the Rich)No IdentifierI Have no Grand Statements to MakeYour Number's UpRemove Your Shoes
Self-TitledTake a Bite of PeachMy Problem is, I'm not Commercial EnoughThe Money's Lousy, but the Hours are GreatOvertly Sexual Art Makes Me Uncomfortable (And I Don't Like Swearing in Records)Knowing What You Know, do You Still Trust Photography?All Good Art is about Death (This is not about Death)
What do People who do Nothing Really <em>do</em> all Day?There are so Few Things so Poorly Named as Common Sense (One is Common Courtesy)229I'd Call This Onomatopoeia if I Knew how to Spell ItA Perfect Copy Every Time1% of the Population Own 99% of the Original ThoughtsSemiotic Interpretation
The Last Thing I ever SawBA (Hons.)Help YourselfI Mostly Regret the Things I <em>do</em> DoResolutionEverything Means Something\'There's Starving Children in Africa\'