1-116 is a single piece of work, composed of one-hundred-and-sixteen pictures, each of which was made in a single day.

Who Cares? I Like Both
Material Issue 06It's Probably More Scared of You than You are of ItSporting HeartMirror Linedate(1)Go and Find Out the True Story Behind The Great EscapeThere's Always Bloody Something
Playing to the GallerySuperpositionSensationReducing and Refining Ideas Until They Don't Mean Anything to Anyone Except the ArtistCos I'm Sure as Hell No RembrandtBuild a Bigger BombChurch Door 2008
Like a Bomb Made Out of Jazz and FeathersThe End of the World Doesn't Have to be a Bad ThingMr and Miss Ramones T-Shirt Wouldn't Know Punk Rock if it Spat in their FaceIn Many Religions, Some Numbers are of Repeated SignificanceBright FlashLacks Character? (4, 7)Another Thing No one's Any Good At
Installation (Whitby)They Don't Care What You Do as Long as You Do it QuietlyThe View from HereI'd Be a Musician if I Could PlayAll My Ancestors Had ChildrenThe Problem With Evidence is that it Can Be Very MisleadingEverything Digital is an Approximation
Look at it However You Like, it's All About MoneyPhotograph of DavidMeasured in MinutesAll Natural BabyHandcuffedBases CoveredYou Can Still Tell What it Is
Don't Worry about it, You'll Probably Be FineThink Positive!You Try So Hard, Then This HappensDon't You Know Who I Am?Replaced by ISO/IEC 80000-3:2007This is the Closest I Get to SculpturePublic Identity
Arty Black and White PhotographCadmium, RedWhatever You Think it Means, That's What it isNational IdentityLawson Meets the ActinidesAnother Failed RevolutionRF 4 ??
Observe, Formulate, PredictCar BoreCarbon ChemistryTitle TrackI Spent My Last 200 Quid on a Pair of Uncomfortable ShoesAssietteFrom Myself to Yourselves
You Deserve to Get BurnedYou Probably Don't Understand Statistics EitherWhat I did on my Holidays (Aeriel View)Copy and CompleteFloor it, I Like Those OddsLook it up on the Bloody Internet. For God's Sake don't form your own OpinionThings You See Every Day But Never Notice
Crime Pays When Pigs DieOuroborusEveryone Looks Better in Black and White